Talk to Trainers Directly

Many of our competitors play the role of a middleman in between the students and trainers. In the process they tend to make sure all discussions to go through them to ensure they get their cut. We are however not so insecure about our relations with our trainers.

Our trainers get plenty of services from us. We offer the ease of doing business for them. We support the freelance trainer community by enabling them with services that otherwise only a business can provide. We have created SkillGrey as a central quality management platform for the course and study material quality. Our courses are designed by industry experts and our study materials are created with superior quality by expert professionals. The trainers do not have to arrange for the learning management systems or study materials. They have to however abide by our curriculum and deliver the course with the quality expected of them. We provide the online training web conferencing software that has enterprise grade reliability and unparalleled features. We provide the cloud storage service and class recording mechanisms to record all classes.

For our students, we act as an extra layer of security. Our trainers get their payments in four parts. One after the first 2 classes and only upon confirmation from student, and then the second time after completion of half of the training, third part after completion of 80% of training and last part after the completion of course. This protects students from possible online frauds where trainers try to discontinue classes after payment. Trainers on the other hand get confirmation of full payment by student in the beginning of course itself to protect themselves from possible fraud where some students try to run away without payment after attending some classes. Individual trainers also find it difficult to convince students to trust them with their money, but the SkillGrey system generates more confidence in students which in turn enhances the success chances for the trainer.

We are confident of our offering being useful to both students and trainers.

Hence we let the trainers and students directly communicate to each other. We are happy to be a service provider for both students and trainers while we do not want to unnecessarily get in between them.

You can submit your name and phone number on our website. We will then select a trainer for you from our pool of trainers based on their availability at the time. We will provide your details to our registered trainer who will then directly call you to discuss on conducting the course. There is nothing better than getting all your queries resolved from the horses mouth. Why talk to a sales person, course counselor etc. middle men when you can directly discuss with the person who matters most in getting trained. The trainer can explain the course, the model of delivery etc. better than anyone else.

So don’t go to the other websites where a sales person tries to cajole you, a course counselor misguides you. Always learn at SkillGrey where you can directly get in touch with a trainer and then decide between yourselves. All the while being under the protection of SkillGrey platform.

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