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  • 1 Month (20 Hrs) ILT
  • Become Skillgrey Certified Terraform Developer (SCTD)

Pay in 2 parts: Pay 4,995.00 now

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  • Explain what IaC is
  • Describe advantages of IaC patterns
  • Explain multi-cloud and provider-agnostic benefits
  • Explain the benefits of state
  • Handle Terraform and provider installation and versioning
  • Understanding plugin based architecture
  • Experience using multiple providers
  • Understand how Terraform finds and fetches providers
  • Understand when to use and not use provisioners and when to use local-exec or remote-exec
  • Understand terraform fmt
  • Understand terraform taint
  • Understand terraform import
  • Understand terraform workspace
  • Understand terraform state
  • Understand how to enable verbose logging
  • Contrast module source options
  • Interact with module inputs and outputs
  • Understand variable scope within modules/child modules
  • How to use public Terraform Module Registry
  • Defining module version
  • Terraform workflow
  • terraform init
  • terraform validate
  • terraform plan
  • terraform apply
  • terraform destroy
  • Default local backend
  • Outline state locking
  • Handle backend authentication methods
  • Remote state storage mechanisms and supported standard backends
  • Terraform refresh
  • Describe backend block in configuration and best practices for partial configurations
  • Understand secret management in state files
  • Variables
  • Outputs
  • Secure secret injection best practices
  • Use of collection and structural types
  • Resource configurations
  • Data configurations and difference from resource configuration
  • Resource addressing and resource parameters to connect resources together
  • Use Terraform built in functions to write configurations
  • Configure resource using dynamic blocks
  • Understand built in dependency management
  • Sentinel, registry, and workspaces
  • Differentiate OSS and TFE workspaces
  • Summarize features of Terraform Cloud
  • Understanding and using Templates
  • Understanding configuration management with Terraform
  • Jenkins Integrations
  • Understanding integration points between Jenkins and Terraform
  • Terraform Vs. Other Orchestration Tools – Why Terraform is the right choice

Understand how to prepare resume for your desired role as Terraform expert

Prepare for your job interviews through Mock Interviews

Go over some of the jobs available on market with your trainer to understand how you can position yourself in those jobs

Get certified by SkillGrey through a live exam based on live project implementations in a live web meeting session (You will get a participation certificate if you don’t pass this exam)

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    Good training

    I liked the training. All topics were covered

    June 27, 2021
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    My office has recently decided on a multi cloud strategy. We will need to manage both AWS and Azure. To do this, we as a team zeroed in on Terraform as our choice of Infrastructure as a Service tool. However, as I tried to learn more about Terraform, I found the documentation to be quite difficult in terms of examples. There are quite a few blogs but I was not getting the confidence to write a terraform code end to end on my own. That’s when I started searching for training. Now in this pandemic, it was obviously not possible to get a classroom training and so I started looking for online classes. I saw Bhaskar’s terraform video online in Youtube. I liked the way he taught in the video and I decided to take the training from him. I was in for a delight. Bhaskar gradually taught me all the nuances of terraform. He taught me the right methodical approach to break down the work and write the codes without even looking at examples.

    The classes were conducted in weekends and then Bhaskar gave us tasks for the weekdays. We completed and showed them to him on next weekend. All these classes were completely hands on and I loved how Bhaskar took us step by step through all the basic to advanced coding techniques in Terraform.

    At the end of the course, I am confident on writing Terraform codes on my own. Not only for AWS or Azure, but for any of the supported providers of Terraform. I genuinely thank Bhaskar for the good training he gave. I am now working towards my Terraform certification.

    June 19, 2021

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