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Learn ASP.NET Online

Learn ASP.NET Online

Course Id: 1035

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ASP.NET is a development framework for building web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server with web form is one of the development model for creating ASP.NET web sites and web applications.
Web Forms is the oldest ASP.NET programming model, with event driven web pages written as a combination of HTML, server controls, and server code.

Web Forms are compiled and executed on the server, which generates the HTML that displays the web pages.

Web Forms comes with hundreds of different web controls and web components to build user-driven web sites with data access.


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ASP.NET Course Syllabus

Introduction To .NET Framework 

  • Understanding .NET   framework
  • Need for .NET  framework
  • Components  of .NET framework
  • Versions of .NET framework
  • Understanding Visual Studio 2012
  • New features of Visual studio 2012 IDE
  • Visual c# 2012

Web application in ASP.NET 4.5 Standard Controls used in ASP.NET 4.5

  • Introduction to the System.Web.UI.WebControl Class
  • Using Different Controls with examples
  • Textbox  Control
  • Button Control
  • Label Control
  • Literal Control
  • Image Control
  • ImageButton Control
  • ImageMap Control
  • DropDownList Control
  • CheckBox Control
  • CheckBoxList Control
  • RadioButton Control
  • RadioButtonList Control
  • Table Control
  • Panel Control
  • Adrotator Control
  • Calendar Control
  • Hyperlink Control
  • FileUpload Control
  • HiddenField Control
  • Wizard Control

Using Navigation control

  • SiteMapPath Control
  • TreeView Control
  • Static/dynamic Menu Control

Validation Control

  • The Base Validator class
  • The RequiredFieldValidator Control
  • The RangeValidator Control
  • The RegularExpressionValidator Control
  • The CompareValidator Control
  • The CustomValidator Control
  • The ValidationSummary Control
  • The ValidationGroup Property

Login Controls

  • The User Accounts
  • The Login Controls
  • The LoginName Controls
  • The LoginStatus Control
  • The LoginView Control
  • The PasswordRecovery Control
  • The ChangePassword Control
  • The CreateUserWizard Control

WebParts Controls

  • The WebPartManager Control
  • The CatalogZone Control
  • The EditorZone Control
  • The WebpartZone Control
  • The ConnectionsZone Control
  • The PageCatalogPart Control
  • Creating a simple WebParts page

ADO.NET(Database Controls)

  • Disconnected Data Architecture
  • ADO.NET objects
  • The SQLDataSource Control
  • The ObjectDataSource Control
  • The XmlDataSource Control
  • The LinqDataSource Control
  • The AccessDataSource Control
  • Introduction to data bound controls
  • The DataList Control
  • The FormView Control
  • The DetailsView Control
  • The Listview and DataPager Controls
  • The Repeater Control
  • The Chart Control

Master Pages and Themes

  • Describing Master pages
  • Creating simple master pages
  • Creating Nested Master pages
  • Creating a Web Form using a master page
  • Exploring Themes
  • Using Themes
  • Using Multiple Themes
  • Describing Cascading style Sheet

Introducing ASP.NET AJAX

  • Traditional and ASP.NET AJAX Web Application
  • Live Data Binding
  • Declarative Instantiation Of Client Components
  • The Observer Pattern on Javascript Objects and arrays
  • ADO.NET data services and data contexts
  • AJAX server controls

Introduction to MVC

  • ASP.NET MVC Architecture
  • ASP.NET MVC Framework
  • New Features of ASP.NET MVC4
  • Creating an MVC Application


[wptab name=’Duration’]

  • Regular classes – 4 weeks
  • Weekend Classes – 6 weeks
  • Customized Fast Track option is available as well. Call 9731012185 now to customize according to your requirement


[wptab name=’Trainer’]

  • Experienced IT professionals
  • Having hands on practical knowledge
  • With experience of training large batches in both offline and online mode


[wptab name=’Placement’]

The following services are available on demand as add-on to this course

  • Resume Preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Job opportunity leads and suggestions


[wptab name=’Mode’]

  • Online Self Paced Training (SPT) with Videos and Documents
  • Online Instructor Led Training (ILT)

About the course:

Study9 provides a robust job market focused ASP.NET training. Our ASP.NET course is designed with the right mix of basic and advanced topics to get one started in the domain and enable a person to get a good job in this competitive market. Our ASP.NET trainers are experienced professionals with hands on knowledge of ASP.NET projects. The ASP.NET course content is designed with keeping the current job market’s demands in mind.Our ASP.NET training course is value for money and tailor made for our students.

About Study9 Training Method

The Study9 ASP.NET training courses are completely online training courses. The online ASP.NET training is given using advanced training softwares to make the students comfortable with the online training. The student and teacher can talk over VOIP software, they can share each others screens, share ASP.NET course contents and concerns during the class through chat window and even can see each other using Webcams. The time tested proven online ASP.NET training methodologies adopted by study9 are of the most advanced ones in India. The student will feel at ease with the ASP.NET training mode. And we are so confident on that, we offer a moneyback if the student is not satisfied with first ASP.NET Training class. The cloud based ASP.NET training course contents are accessible from anywhere in the world. Study9 provides access for each student to an online Learning Management System that holds all the slides and videos that are part of the ASP.NET training courses. The students can access them from their Laptop, Mobile, Tablets etc. The students will also give ASP.NET training exams on this Learning Management System and our expert ASP.NET trainers will rate their papers and provide certifications on successful completion of these ASP.NET training exams. The best part of this online ASP.NET training approach is that it does not require one to waste time by travelling to a particular ASP.NET training center. And the timings are flexible so that if someday the student has problems in taking the morning ASP.NET training class he/she can fix an alternate time in the evening in discussion with ASP.NET trainer. On need basis our ASP.NET trainers can take a class in late night as well. On request basis missed ASP.NET training class sessions can even be given as video lectures to the student for them to go through to be prepared for the next class.


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Schedule: Weekdays (1 hr /day), Weekends (2.5 hrs /day)  and Fast Track options available


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