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20th August 2016

3rd May 2016


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In this course you will learn how to apply DevOps. Why DevOps? It is one of the most sought after skills in the IT industry.

The course is aimed at software engineers and system administrators that want to deliver better software. Other IT professionals can also take this course, but might have to do some extra research to understand some of the concepts.

You will learn how to improve the Software Development Lifecycle by applying techniques to improve software delivery. We will explain how to improve delivery using automation, configuration management,provisioning and deployment tools. We also cover newer tools like Docker and Kubernetes.

The course is very practical. There is about 20 hours of Live instructor led online training.The sessions are completely interactive.


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Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1    Introduction

This lecture explains how the course is structured and what the learning objectives are

Lecture 2    Course Resources

Section 2: Concepts

Lecture 3    What is DevOps

This lecture explains what exactly DevOps is.

Lecture 4    DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Benefits

Lecture 5    DevOps: Lean thinking, a change of culture

Lecture 6    Version Control (GIT)

Lecture 7    Demo: GIT commands and github

Lecture 8    Configuration Management and Automation

Lecture 9    Provisioning

Lecture 10  Plan & Monitoring

Quiz 1       Concepts Test 

Section 3: Step 1 – Provisioning

 Lecture 11  Introduction to Provisioning

Lecture 12  Vagrant

Lecture 13  Vagrant for Windows Procedures

Lecture 14  Vagrant demo

Quiz 2       Vagrant quiz

Section 4: Step 2 – Automation and Configuration Management

 Lecture 15  Puppet : Introduction to Automation and Configuration Management with Puppet

Lecture 16: Puppet : Introduction to puppet components

Lecture 17: Puppet : Understanding architecture components

Lecture 18:Puppet : Installing puppetmaster and puppet agent

Lecture 19: Puppet : Installing modules on puppetmaster

Lecture 20:Puppet : Applying automation modules on agents

Lecture 21: Puppet : Writing automation modules from scratch

Lecture 22: Puppet : Installing custom modules on puppetmaster

Lecture 23  Ansible: introduction

Lecture 24  Ansible: Installation

Lecture 25  Ansible: Installation demo

Lecture 26  Ansible: First Playbook

Lecture 27  Ansible: First Playbook demo

Lecture 28  Ansible: Provisioning with vagrant and EC2

Lecture 29  Ansible: Provisioning with EC2 demo

Lecture 30  Ansible: Roles

Lecture 31  Ansible: Best Practices

Lecture 32  Ansible: Directory Layout

Lecture 33  Chef: Introduction (Part 1)

Lecture 34  Chef: Introduction (Part 2)

Lecture 35  Chef: Introduction (Part 3)

Lecture 36  Chef: knife

Lecture 37  Chef: knife demo

Lecture 38  Chef: knife with chef-server

Lecture 39  Chef: Roles

Lecture 40  Chef: knife with chef-server – demo

Lecture 41  AWS Opsworks


Section 5: Step 3 – Continuous Integration

Lecture 42  Introduction to Continuous Integration

Lecture 43  Jenkins Resources

Lecture 44  Jenkins: Introduction and installation

Lecture 45  Jenkins: Prepare Play App

Lecture 46  Jenkins: Build app

Lecture 47  Jenkins: install and build demo

Lecture 48  Jenkins: automate testing

Lecture 49  Jenkins: packaging

Lecture 50  Jenkins: Automate testing and packaging demo

Section 6: Step 4 – Deployments

Lecture 51  Deployment Introduction

Lecture 52  Artifact storage and deployment

Lecture 53  Artifact storage and deployment demo

Section 7: Step 5 – Continuous Monitoring

Lecture 54  Continuous Monitoring

Section 8: The Twelve Factor app

Lecture 55  Introduction to the Twelve Factor app

Lecture 56  The Twelve Factors

Section 9: Containerization

Lecture 57  Introduction to microservices

Lecture 58  Introduction to docker

Lecture 59  Docker demo

Section 10: Container Orchestration

Lecture 60  Introduction to Container Orchestration

Lecture 61  Kubernetes architecture overview

Lecture 62  Kubernetes Procedures

Lecture 63  Deploying container using Kubernetes

Lecture 64  Kubernetes demo




[wptab name=’Project’]
Project 1: Automating WebServer and Website hosting with Puppet
Project 2: Automating AWS VM provisioning with Chef
Project 3: Automating User Creation across servers using Ansible
Project 4: End to End Continuous Delivery Automation with Jenkins including Continuous Integrations, Continuous Testing and Continuous Deployment Pipeline
[wptab name=’Duration’]

  • Regular classes – 4 weeks
  • Weekend Classes – 6 weeks
  • Customized Fast Track option is available as well. Call 9731012185 now to customize according to your requirement




[wptab name=’Trainer’]

  • Experienced IT professionals
  • Having hands on practical knowledge
  • With experience of training large batches in both offline and online mode





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The following services are available on demand as add-on to this course

  • Resume Preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Job opportunity leads and suggestions





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  • Online Self Paced Training (SPT)
  • Online Instructor Led Training (OILT)
  • Classroom Instructor Led Training(CILT)

Study9 provides a robust job market focused DevOps  training. Our DevOps  course is designed with the right mix of basic and advanced topics to get one started in the domain and enable a person to get a good job in this competitive market. Our DevOps  trainers are experienced professionals with hands on knowledge of DevOps  projects. The DevOps  course content is designed with keeping the current job market’s demands in mind.Our DevOps  training course is value for money and tailor made for our students.

About Study9 Training Method

The Study9 DevOps  training courses are completely online training courses. The online DevOps  training is given using advanced training softwares to make the students comfortable with the online training. The student and teacher can talk over VOIP software, they can share each others screens, share DevOps  course contents and concerns during the class through chat window and even can see each other using Webcams. The time tested proven online DevOps  training methodologies adopted by study9 are of the most advanced ones in India. The student will feel at ease with the DevOps  training mode. And we are so confident on that, we offer a moneyback if the student is not satisfied with first DevOps  Training class.

The cloud based DevOps  training course contents are accessible from anywhere in the world. Study9 provides access for each student to an online Learning Management System that holds all the slides and videos that are part of the DevOps  training courses. The students can access them from their Laptop, Mobile, Tablets etc. The students will also give DevOps  training exams on this Learning Management System and our expert DevOps  trainers will rate their papers and provide certifications on successful completion of these DevOps  training exams.

The best part of this online DevOps  training approach is that it does not require one to waste time by travelling to a particular DevOps  training center. And the timings are flexible so that if someday the student has problems in taking the morning DevOps  training class he/she can fix an alternate time in the evening in discussion with DevOps  trainer. On need basis our DevOps  trainers can take a class in late night as well. On request basis missed DevOps  training class sessions can even be given as video lectures to the student for them to go through to be prepared for the next class.

About this Course

Study9 team has brought out this training on Devops ,after we have received much requests from various students from Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad. DevOps is a process and technology that streamlines the interaction between developers and operations people in a company to enable faster time to market of application features being developed by developers. DevOps is therefore the combination of Developers and Operations people. Study9 offers best DevOps training in Bangalore. After getting a huge response in classroom Devops training at Bangalore,we are also planning to start  classroom live instructor led devops training at kolkata,Delhi and Hyderabad location as wellin near future.Our Devops trainers are real industry practitioners,provide the training with live projects having one or two use cases on Devops.However,if you would like to join our Devops training course and you are from a different city,you can join live instructor led online Devops training with us.If you still have any query regarding Devops training,please do not hesitate to contact Devops support team at 8884830222/ getting live instructor led online/classroom training on DevOps,you will also get access on Devops training materials,assignments,project code,class recordings etc on our learning management system and 24/7 access to our Devops support team for resolving  your queries  on Devops during  the training.





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Schedule: Weekdays (1 hr /day), Weekends (2.5 hrs /day)  and Fast Track options available





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